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Street2Ivy has brought together professionals from all industries to give. 

A combination of videos, audio podcasts, workbooks, individual and team assignments proctored by a certified "UNPLUGGED COACH" Whether you are just starting out or have always dreamed of becoming a top entrepreneur, business leader or advisor to others, Street2Ivy's Online Academy is for you! 

In partnership with DXD partners and founder Andrew Pek, an expert in entrepreneurial leadership, innovation, design thinking and business start ups!

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Course Curriculum

  • 01

    Lesson 1

    • Entrepreneurs & Innovators Unpacked Intro

    • Consulting Vitals: The Good, Bad, & Ugly

    • Bonus: DeJuan Marrero Exclusive Podcast

    • Double Bonus: Get Stimulated

    • Entrepreneurs & Innovators Unplugged Workbook

  • 02

    Lesson 2

    • Something Old

    • Something New

    • Something Borrowed

    • Something Blue

    • Listen When: Remote | Consulting in a Virtual World

  • 03

    Lesson 3

    • Method to the Madness Intro

    • Entrepreneurs & Innovators Tradecraft

    • Strategy Tradecraft - Part 1


  • Effective Consulting and Client Management Strategies

  • Strengthening Your Skills to Forge Win-Win Relationships

  • Understanding and Keeping Your Ideal Client

  • How To Pivot Your Approach When You Are Not Achieving Success

  • And More!